Waiting for the moment…

And as he looked down upon my face
His eyes were wide two pools in space

A male Masai Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi) gazing benignly at my lens… Masai Mara Aug 2012

One of the important virtues if you will that a photographer needs to have is patients. For instance let’s take the photograph of this Masai giraffe.
So this is herd of giraffes was grazing peacefully on the side of the track. We stopped to take photographs. While clicking away I imagined a frame where I would have the giraffe look straight into my camera. So I asked the driver to realign the van as close as possible without going off the track and without disturbing the animals. Once we were in position, I looked at all the animals in the herd, chose one of the young males as my subject and set my camera up on the  beanbag, composed the frame,  focused on him and waited. I got a few good pictures of him in about 20 to 25 minutes. After which I had to wait for another 10 minutes before I was able to get the desired or the imagined frame.

So, I would’ve waited 30 to 40 minutes for this frame.I have known photographers who have waited for hours and sometimes even months to get that single frame they had in mind.

so as a photographer you need to be patient and remember you can’t almost always force the frame that you have in mind


A Male Masai Giraffe EXIF: Olympus E30 | Sigma 50-500 mm @500mm | f 6.3 | 1/200Sec | ISO 200 | Aperture Priority | ev comp +1.7 EV | Handheld | White Balance – Auto | Metering – Pattern | Basic PP in LR 3

Why this blog?

This entry serves multiple purposes:

  1. the first entry for my blog so that it so that it won’t seem dismal without an entry
  2. a reaffirmation to myself that I have to post on this blog as well
  3. to tell people why this blog – which is to be able to share as I learn (some day I hope to have a lot of followers), to repost interesting lessons and posts and  some day start posting my lessons as well.
  4. to be a supplement to my photography site – http://www.thelazyphotographer.in which I hope to make a destination
  5. to be a supplement to my facebook page – https://facebook.com/thelazyphotographer; which too I hope to be regular in updating

I am a hobby photographer, calling myself a lazy photographer because I am SO VERY BEHIND in my post processing. Now a serious student of the art and trying to make photography pay by taking up assignments in Food, Product and People photography to fund my traveling without dipping into the salary from my day job where I am corporate whore! You can read my travel blog here – Long Way Home, another blog which I hope to update regularly!



the lazy guy at lake nakuru in Kenya – Aug 2012. Pic Credit : Be on the Road with Sankara!